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最新的信息 - 12/04/2010
    High-Tech building in Otelfingen    
房产号码 6626
Otelfingen is located in canton Zurich, only 25 km from Zurich City and 22 KM from Aargau. Otelfingen counts 2300 inhabitants. Otelfingen is a growing community in the Furttal, right on the border of canton Aargau. It is well known for its historic village centre and the golf course. Otelfingen also has a large commercial and industrial zone, and a significant employment area.
The property is located in a no throough road in the industrial part of Otelfingen.
Size of the land is 8’643m².
Size of the building 9’186m².
The property has two entrances and it is used as offices, storage and as a production plant with a smaller, separate storage hall beside the main building. Libernstrasse 22 was built in 1974 and in 1991 it was enlarged by the construction of Libernstrasse 24 providing considerably more offices as well as a larger production space behind the building.
There are 94 indoor parking lots and 79 outdoor.
Size of land 8'643 m2 with additional construction rights.
The total current annual income is CHF 918’000.00 net.
75% rented, potential income of CHF 1’243'000.00 net.
Annual yield approx. CHF 1.1 Mill.
40% of the rent by a strong tenant.
CHF 16’000’000.00
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