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最新的信息 - 08/02/2010
    Apartments and restaurant in Fribourg    
房产号码 7745
Real estate in Switzerland
Immeuble résidentiel à Fribourg, Suisse
8 apartments of different size close to the Fribourg University and restaurant. 100% rented.
Residential building in the hart of Fribourg
The property is located in the centre of the town, less then 2 KM from the train station and 10 minutes walking from the university campus.
The property is very attractive thanks to the central location, in the old town.
Size of the land is 588m².
Size of the building 3892m³
Designed Building, built in 1800 and renovated several times since.
Heating system is since 1995.
Price: CHF 2'000'000.00
Income net: CHF 115'000.00
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