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最新的信息 - 01/03/2010
    Local bank in AU/SG    
房产号码 1305
Real estate in Switzerland
Bank branch / shop / offices for rent
Bahnhofstrasse 12, 9434 Au/SG
Au is in canton St. Gallen, in Switzerland, directly on the border to Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein, not far from the highway exit. Au has 6800 inhabitants. Beside this bank there is also a branch of the Kantonal Bank.
The bank is at the main road of Au. The property has been renovated 3 years ago for 150'000.00 CHF. New windows and a new heating system have been installed. The interior of the property has been renewed as well. Also the road passing by has been newly paved.
The property has been successfully operated as a bank since 1999.
Above the bank are two apartments which are being rented a long time. The post office and the train station are in direct proximity.
Rented surface: approx. 200 m2 on the ground floor and approx. 50 m2 on the underground floor (archive and stock).
There are also 2 parking lots in front of and 9 parking lots behind the property.

The surface for rent will be free from 31 July 2010 on. The tenant is the Raiffeisenbank who is constructing a new building to move to.
3'500.00 CHF per month including expenses
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